Wherever Your Travels May Take You


Wherever your travels may take you,

Be it Mars or the distant Pluto too,

And whomever tries to get you down,

Know you can always turn to me to ease your frown,

I promise there shan’t be any malice in my gaze,

For my eyes will be soaked in a misty love haze,

You’re the ice in my tea to soothe summers’ melee,

The winter warmth that fills me with inner glee,

There will be ups and downs and all arounds,

But no better person to hold my hand on the merry-go-round,

Through the darkest night and the brightest dawn,

My affection for you shall never be torn,

So sing in the sunlight and dance in the moonlight,

Safe in the knowledge my love for you will never take flight.

I wrote this in my brothers flat in Cape Town, over a romantic McD Happy Meal, it’s the first and only sonnet I’ve ever attempted.


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