The Nature of the Feast


Personal opinions aside, I am very sorry that I let myself get embroiled into perpetuating the socioeconomic turmoil that is turning this country inside out. While we are using Facebook to vent and fight amongst ourselves, giving our unqualified political commentary, we are achieving nothing in the greater scheme of things. Jacob and his brethren in parliament aren’t reading our statuses nor our arguments, just like we didn’t save that unicorn with those chain letters as a child and just like Kony 2012 didn’t liberate Uganda with its hypocrisy.

I am flabbergasted how ‘We’, as a ‘Rainbow Nation’ preach diversity and respect for one another, to live by this mantra of tolerance, but concurrently expecting ‘Others’ to fall in line with our individual beliefs as gospel? I have encountered an overwhelming amount of these ilk of late, can we all not just hug it out or if that doesn’t work, just leave people to their own devices? We have these ‘Historians’ fighting over ancestry and the merits of early human migration, We have these ‘Cynics’ foreboding dark times ahead for Africa, the ‘Economic Graduates’ screaming about inefficient economic policies and misappropriating government expenditure, We have ‘Kid Revolutionaries’ crying about statues and calling for a revolution 21yrs into the wind, We have ‘Earth Folk’ expecting everyone to weave dream catchers, hold hands and chant for Gaia, We have ‘Trance People’ trying to protect their ‘Scene’ from the ‘Jocks’ ruining their vibes, We have ‘Religulous People’ in this mudslinging match over who’s God is the best God, We have ‘Crusaders Against Woolworths People’ crying about Pharrell supporting the Super Market chain about stocking Israeli products, We have ‘DJ’s’ squabbling over trivial tripe like which genre of music is the best or making vastly unqualified statements about the rights to land ownership in South Africa…

I am ashamed and feel like an idiot for letting myself be taken by the tide, for we are all too familiar with these currents.

Have ‘We’ taken a moment to step back and listen how ridiculous ‘We’ sound? We’ve been screaming into the digital abyss and in the process have poisoned our public well. Everybody has a complaint or gripe about something or other, do ‘We’ expect us all to go to a buffet where the only offering is plenty pots of the same dish? Come now people, the world is made up of all kinds of folk, black, pink, white, purple, pineapples and ‘We’ will never keep something all to ourselves before the rest of the world wants a slice, nor will ‘We’ satisfy the taste buds of all concerned with the same flavour dish. That’s just the nature of the feast. We’re all sitting at the same table, can we not mind our manners a little or show a little etiquette? Some of us are just trying to have a little joie de vivre during our time under the sun, some of us are dancing and singing in the rain, some of us are just getting our loafers and stilettos wet, some of us just getting sunburnt… There are people who really aren’t my particular cup of tea, but at least I’m not arrogant enough to think that my particular brand of tea is the best… Incredibly beautiful and full of flavour obviously, that goes without saying, but not the best, I’m pretty sure I’m not theirs, as I’m sure I might not be yours. But, you know what? I’d still give you a hug… Unless you kick kittens, drown rabbits or bathe yourself in faeces of course.

The quicker we come to realise that the tolerance of Dystopia is far-flung from Utopia or that Utopia is just a fantasy land, much like the imaginary line of the horizon, whereby the more you chase it… The further away it seems. I’m not saying we should be the ostrich who buries its head in the sand believing that it will keep the hyenas at bay, let us not be that ignorant here. We live in a land mired in poverty, corruption and fighting crying “please, no more!” In lieu of sharing all that is terrible in this world, let’s at least make an attempt to rejoice all that is good. Share little positivity’s until the spring tide of positivity comes in for all of us on the shores of Africa.

Let us all chime along to the beat of our own feet, we’ll reach crescendo and come into chorus when we find those whose feet beat in tune with our own.

The end.




2 thoughts on “The Nature of the Feast

  1. I agree with much that you said and very well said I might add, but South Africa will never be a “Rainbow Nation” t
    he colours black and white does not feature their. So let us just agree to disagree
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