Mudslinging for Change


Goodness grape juice, have I read a load of convoluted drivel on Facebook these past couple weeks…

‘Dear White People,’ ‘Dear Black People,’ ‘Disrupting Whiteness,’ ‘White Privilege,’ ‘Empty Rainbowisms,’ ‘Apartheid…’ Blah Blah Blah Blah… Crikey Moses do you say these things out aloud before you type or do your fingers pull a fast one on your brains?!? How on earth does the #ZumaMustFall march become an ‘Imperialist Agenda’ racist movement?!? Then the creampie of the whole movement, white people, chasing ‘likes,’ calling other white people racists and should accept that their white privilege is the root cause of the problems in South Africa at present!?! So, wait, let me get this straight now, ‘white people’ should apologise for Jacob Zuma the Chief Thief, being a blatantly corrupt incompetent nepotistic rapist of a patriarch, because Apartheid is the reason that he is raiding the coffers of our once proud nation, with impunity?!? Now I have really heard it all.

Damned if we do, damned if we don’t mentality.

“The problems facing South Africa go much further than one man or party’s corruption: they go as deep as the system in which you choose to see only as far as your ivory tower, and the conditional empathy that in the midst of massive human oppression allows your greatest concern to be one of land, an abstract idea of natural beauty.” – Disrupting Whiteness… This mewling quim of a community page should probably think about changing their name to Entrenching Racial Divides.

What a load of absolute hoggwash. I mean wow guys, honestly, pat yourselves on the back for being classed in the same IQ bracket as our esteemed el Presidente… I guess hollow minds all echo the same noise???

I can only hope and pray that the masses behind the #FeesMustFall movement are all qualified Economists or are on their way to be qualified as such, if this isn’t the case, then hopefully it’s not too late to change majors and I strongly suggest that you consider it a prerequisite in order to understand the national financial quagmire we have found ourselves in. Maybe then your infantile brain capacity can get to grips with the ramifications of the Presidents actions, as not being a ‘White Problem,’ and rather see it for what it is, as the national alarm bells ringing: emergency!!! It doesn’t take a Phd in Astrodynamics to understand the public well is not infinite, although that’s just my ‘privileged’ opinion.

Educate yourselves:—what-president-jacob-zuma-s-bloated-cabinet-costs-you

How can we possibly not be unified in our revulsion for an astoundingly inept and morally corrupted President? While we all may have our different viewpoints, differing agenda priorities, our overall goal is one and the same. We all strive and deserve to have a fully functioning society, a strategically astute fiscal policy and a proper functioning economy. The current ANC, lead by Jacob Zuma as a Government, is not coming good on their promise to provide these standard Public Service deliverables. That is politics and public policies, my friends, not ‘racial discrimination.’ They are failing the people who put them in power. I’m not too fazed if it’s the ANC, IFP, EFF, DA or whomever else rises to the helm, as long it is someone imbued with integrity, virtue and has an incorruptible moral fortitude with the well being of the people at the forefront of his mission, instead of serving the need of his own pockets. Would that not be a refreshing change for us all? We can then address reforms and reconciliations between our differences, safe in the knowledge that we as a people and a nation are in sound hands.

Is it too much to ask to be unified just once?? Just one fucking time?!?!? Does racism, reverse racism, racial privileges or anything of the sort really have any place when it affects us all, the impoverished bearing the full weight of the governments actions?!? Grow up and focus on the whole for once in your confounded lives instead of your own separate agendas…



5 thoughts on “Mudslinging for Change

    • White privilege is a thing, sure, we aren’t so ill of mind not to acknowledge it, but to use that as an excuse for this type of leadership after Mbeki and Mandela is infantile and devoid of a sound mind.

  1. I heard Zuma say so himself that black South Africans should avenge apartheid as if it is the main reason for their poor leadership of this country.
    Sad really.

    • It’s deplorable that the leadership in this country are dragging relics up from the past to account for their current failures as a government, what is even worse is that some people are believing it. Of course Apartheid was wrong, of course we understand white privilege, but blaming that as the reasoning for bleeding the country dry is disgusting.

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