Indiana Moans: Raiders of the Lost Likes


I love how people, ‘I love how people…’ Then proceed to bitch and spew out their own venomous vitriol about people bitching on social platforms; a space specifically designed for people to voice their thoughts and opinions.
As though their opinion is somehow superior to all else, beyond reproach, filled with moral fortitude, cannot be challenged, same same, but different, must surely get the most likes… Why on evolutions green earth do people attempt to put out fires by throwing another log into the flames, then get incensed when the fire rages as it engulfs the new fuel?

It’s what I imagine the special needs love child between Mean Girls and Inception would be…


There’s always going to be a selfie, a post, a viewpoint, timing or content of a debate that’s going to provoke your ire… But did you know, it’s not socially mandatory to attend or to take offense of every argument or point of view you’re invited to, well, unless of course you want to, that is?

*shrugs shoulders, emoticon indifference face, finger taps the tip of your nose*

Sometimes, you just need to leave people to do the ‘ridiculous’ shit they want to do, because we’re all pigs to someone, somewhere, in some way my friends and if we’re not allowed to roll around in our own shit sometimes… Then what exactly are we even doing here?

I am well aware of the fact that I’m passive-aggressively bellyaching, about people bellyaching, about people bellyaching, but you know what else?

Oink, oink.


(The irony was intended.)



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