AfrikaBurn: A Positive Oasis in a Sea of Negativity


It always befuddles my mind beyond comprehension, the way folks cynicism gets the better of them and resort to raining on peoples parades online, The Game of Thrones Sean Bean meme “AfrikaBurn posts are coming,” the “cue the AfrikaBurn Profile Pictures” or the “here comes the enlightenment,” statuses are about as stale as week old crisps… Are you unable to nurture your own original thought processes or are you simply wilfully oblivious to the fact that you’re about as common as the AfrikaBurn posts themselves? So, while you’re all crying “sheep,” which, by the bye doesn’t make you a shepherd, you’re just some other lambs from a more pitiful flock bleating into the digital abyss trying to be heard… I feel sorry for you and even though I vomit in my mouth at the depths of your creative depravity, I’d still give you a hug, because it sounds like you are desperately in need of one… Telling people they look gay, or that they look stupid in their sparkling desert ensembles or their tight leather and feather displays, just screams insecurities to me, as nobody, not one single person on earth, ever looks stupid while they’re having fun and with a smile on their face… I suppose that’s what makes you appreciate, in wonderment, what a truly magical oasis AfrikaBurn really is. As there’s none of this bullshit to put up with, which I believe, is why people venture on the great trek to the heart of Tankwa Town in the middle of the desert, to begin with… To escape judgement, from people like you.

Now, while I cannot stand the term “faith in humanity restored,” as it honestly makes my skin crawl… I would imagine that could be how some would describe their experience of their romp in the desert. Was I, albeit briefly, cleansed of the negativity running rife in our daily strife? Yes, that was until the Burn dust started to sprinkle into the digital domain and caused the disdain we spoke of previously.

Do I feel enlightened? No. Was it a life altering event? No. Do I feel rejuvenated? Yes. Was my mind blown? A resounding, Hells Yes! It’s just good for your soul.

Can you tell me of a place where people stop on the side of the road to assist stranded cars? Can you tell me where girls who are sitting in their vehicles applying the final touches to their makeup, put down their eyeliner and offer two strangers having trouble pegging their windsock tent down to earth, before you can answer they’re already holding a corner of the sail with a smile? A place where you’re on a dancefloor in the middle of nowhere, nearly a mile away from the closest form of structured assistance, you drop your car keys into the dust, an inebriated reveller takes the time to pick them up, take them to a ranger and have it returned to you within a day? Can you inform me of a place where cigarette smokers would rather keep their smelly cigarette stubs in their tracksuit pockets instead of just littering them on the ground? A place where two souls out on their morning stroll, coffee in hand, come to the aid of a couple struggling to wrestle their gazebo from the bowels of a voracious desert wind?  Can you show me where people put in months of hard god damned work out in the desert heat, so that your eyes may feast on a myriad of art displays, enjoy a ride on a mutant vehicle or whatever fancy your mind wants to tickle that day? Can you tell me where people go around mending broken bicycles from the goodness of their heart and offer a warm cup of soup while you wait, asking for only a smile in return? Where every musical preference is catered for? Somewhere you can literally paint your genitals gold and waltz around starkers, only to be greeted as though you’re dressed in your Sunday best? A space where you are celebrated for your individuality instead of being ridiculed for it?

Because I can and that place is called AfrikaBurn. I will forever hold a candle to the delight it brings to my heart.

A massive thank you to each and every desert fairy who made my dust stomping romp in the desert as wonderful as it was, played out your boots…

Much more than much love to you all!!!

x x x


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